Laptop is a great invention of latest technology.

                This modern age we cannot imagine our daily lives without science. Even science and technology has grown to be a major aspect of present society in their latest invention and daily activities.  We can collect massive amounts of news and updates from different networks. It may be searching from internet or social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google-plus etc.

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What is science and technology ?

              Science and Technology is gift from Almighty Lord for this modern civilization. We live in age of science. We can see the wonders of it around us. Actually science has made our life so easy and comfortable moreover now we can not think our daily life without science. The first wonder of science is electricity and though all creation day by day opened to us by the welfare of science.
        On the other hand, technology means the articulation of a craft. Technology contributes all the branches of modern science. Technology reaches in the highest peak on a hill and it is completely obvious to us specially technology supported and collected all in all evidences.Whenever science invent something else by its own research at the similar time technology implements this providing the market.

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